Pharma expats: what’s it like to make the move to a CRO

Curious about why two former pharma employees would switch to working for a contract research organization? Find out more in this Q&A from Future Drug Discovery.

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Are you curious about what would make two former pharma employees switch to working for a contract research organization (CRO)? In this Q&A, published in Future Drug Discoveryhear from two former pharma employees who made the switch from being a client of a contract research organization (CRO) to working as a contractor for one — Charles River Labs (Cambridge, UK). Ian Waddell and Chris Hill discuss their decisions to move into the CRO sector, their expectations and what they’ve found most exciting whilst working there. 

Read the full interview here.

Waddell I & Hill C. Pharma expats: a Q&A with two who made the move to a contract research organization. Future Drug Discov. (2019)

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