The RxNet Glossary of Drug Discovery

Welcome to The RxNet Glossary of Drug Discovery! This free resource provides a comprehensive overview of the core, established terms used in drug discovery and will be an essential resource for everyone working within the field, related fields or for anyone simply interested in learning more.

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The RxNet and Future Drug Discovery editorial teams are delighted to welcome you to the first edition of the RxNet Glossary of Drug Discovery! 

Leading experts from industry and academia have been working closely with us to provide this comprehensive overview of drug discovery. This glossary aims to bridge the gap between scientists working in this industry and the general public. With the dissemination of research across the globe, it is now more important than ever that efforts are made to educate and enhance understanding. 

You can also pick up a hard copy wherever RxNet is exhibiting, so look out for our booth!
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Some definitions you can find in the glossary: 

What is a biosimilar? 

A subsequent version of a previously approved biological medicinal product that is highly similar in safety and efficacy, also known as a 'follow-on biologic'. 

What is a contract research organization (CRO)? 

An independent organization contracted to provide clinical trial and other research support services to other companies or parties in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, such as protocol design, selection or monitoring of investigations, report evaluation and preparation of materials for submission to a relevant authority.

What is a drug?  

A substance that induces a physiological effect on the body upon administration; must be approved by a government agency (e.g. US FDA or MHRA).

What is a preclinical trial? 

A study in which feasibility and safety data are collected prior to a medicinal product being trialed in humans.

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