Symposium on Innovation, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship in Drug Discovery

Charles River and the Milner Institute are hosting a one day symposium on the advancement of drug discovery programs through collaboration and innovative ideas.

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Jun 08, 2018

The conference will be held at Homerton College Conference Center (Cambridge, UK) on Thursday 28 June, 2018. Click here to register.

Academic and industry researchers share mutual goals for advancing human health and delivering beneficial therapies to patients in need. However, advancing a project from an academic or basic research setting into a therapeutic product is a daunting challenge for both sides, discouraging potential entrepreneurs. Inefficiencies, miscommunications and lack of funding delay and complicate these projects.  Well-defined collaborative networks between industry and academia provide a useful framework to bridge the gap, helping entrepreneurs turn their innovations into clinical reality.

Join the Milner Institute and Charles River (both Cambridge, UK) for a day-long symposium where we will hear from innovators who became entrepreneurs and leveraged collaboration resources to advance their ideas for novel therapies.

Gain insights into how collaboration has advanced discovery programs, or helped founders secure funding through a program combing case studies, presentations and roundtable expert panels. Take the opportunity to speak with the presenters during the generous networking sessions.

Our complimentary symposium will include refreshments, lunch and time for networking. In lieu of a registration fee, Charles River will donate £25 to Cancer Research UK for each registrant who attends the event.

Speakers include:

Ian ChurcherBenevolentBio (London, UK)
Paula FramptonCambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences (Cambridge, UK)
Jane HughesCharles River (Cambridge, UK)
Steve JacksonUniversity of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK (Cambridge, UK)
Tony KouzaridesUniversity of Cambridge, The Gurdon Institute and Milner Therapeutics Institute (Cambridge, UK)
Martin O’RourkeCharles River (Cambridge, UK)
Sohaib MirCambridge Innovation Capital (Cambridge, UK) 

Register here

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