ACS Boston 2018: Day 4

All this week, MedChemNet is bringing you content direct from the National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society in Boston; take a look at some of our highlights.

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Aug 22, 2018
Daily update
The exhibition days of the conference are over, but the meeting is still in full swing here in Boston. The Division of Medicinal Chemistry talks this morning included a stream on recent advances in drug discovery and development to combat antibiotic resistance. This featured a wide range of new techniques to combat the pressing issue of antibiotic resistance; Concepción González-Bello (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain) described her research into developing drugs to disable previously unexplored key enzymes and Ruben Tommasi (Entasis Therapeutics, MA, USA) described obstacles facing those trying to discover new antibiotics. 

Today also featured some first-time disclosures of clinical candidates, ranging from treatments for Parkinson's disease dementia, Crohn's disease, malaria, a novel once-weekly HIV-1 treatment and heart disease.  In the Division of Inorganic Chemistry, a stream of talks focused on DNA, RNA and inorganic drugs. Rianne Lord (University of Bradford, UK) presented twice here, focusing on organometallic iridium(III) complexes for colorectal cancers and ruthenium(III) and rhodium(III) dihalide complexes. The Division of Biological Chemistry afternoon symposia consisted of a series of talks on 'Frontiers in organofluorine research for biochemistry and drug discovery', co-chaired by Ryan Altman (The University of Kansas, KA, USA) and William Pomerantz (University of Minnesota, MN, USA). 
News highlights
Can donated blood be made universal?Tackling mosquito-borne diseases with next-generation insect repellentsAnticancer strategies: can we prevent severe oral mucositis?
Tomorrow's key talk
Total Synthesis of Complex Molecules
Room 256, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Today's featured guest

Angela Russell, University of Oxford (Oxford, UK)
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