ADMET chair invite and interview snippet: Eric Bloome, AbbVie

The 13th annual ADMET conference chairman Eric Blomme’s invitation and speaker interview are now available to download.

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Jun 04, 2018

The 13th annual ADMET conference, commencing 9–10 July 2018 in London (UK), will be chaired by Eric Blomme, Vice President of Development Biological Sciences at AbbVie (Berkshire, UK). Ahead of this year’s conference, Dr Blomme invites ADMET professionals and discusses the event in his exclusive interview with SMi, both of which are now available to download on the event website.

Eric Blomme has held several positions at Abbott/AbbVie, including Director of Investigative Toxicology and Pathology, Director of Integrated Pharmacology and Project Leader of Discovery Advanced Technologies.

He attended the University of Lyon (France; Veterinary Medicine), McGill University (Montreal, Canada; Business School), Cornell University (NY, USA; Residency in Pathology) and The Ohio State University (OH, USA; PhD), and is also Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed manuscripts, multiple editorials, several book chapters and a book.

Chair invitation for ADMET 2018 sneak peek:

“This year features an array of presentations exploring novel technologies, specific case studies and PK modelling strategies in the areas of DMPK, PBPK, PKPD and toxicology. This important conference is specifically designed to help all of us to both keep abreast of innovations across the field and to better anticipate and be pro-active in shaping the future.”

Interview Snapshot:

What do you see as the greatest research challenge to overcome in the field at the moment?

“Developing novel medicines that benefit patients will also be challenging.  As novel targeted approaches are being developed, new challenges constantly arise, and it is difficult to stay updated on all these issues. This is why smaller venues for scientific interactions like the ADMET conference was prove extremely valuable.”

This year’s two-day conference will provide attendees with unparalleled in-depth discussions about the challenges and opportunities associated with the optimisation of ADMET modeling techniques, preclinical DMPK applications and development of biopharmaceuticals. In addition to this, attendees will have the opportunity to meet and network with a room full of internationally renowned, industry experts and develop relationships and connections that will help propel the science and technology behind ADMET forward.

Download the full speaker interview and chair invitation, and register online at: 

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9–10 July 2018
Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London, UK 

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