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This month we are focusing on cancer therapeutics; access exclusive interviews, editorials, journal content and more!

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Drug discovery for oncology has rapidly and significantly advanced in the past 20 years, leading to wide variety of mono and combination therapies for the treatment of cancer – including both small molecules and biopharmaceuticals. Technological advances have increased our understanding of the mechanisms behind cancer, providing novel druggable targets and improved models used to design and test preclinical candidates.

In this feature, we aim to focus on recent advances and developments in oncology research throughout the drug discovery pipeline. We will speak to experts in the field to learn more about the interdisciplinary approach researchers are using in order to develop drugs to tackle cancers and highlight some of the most recent drug approvals in the area. We hope you enjoy it and encourage you to share any feedback in the comments below or tweeting @RxNetFSG.

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As part of this feature, we've chose some of the top and most exciting news stories in relation to cancer drug discovery over the past year: 

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