£30 million investment in Alzheimer’s drug discovery

Alzheimer’s Research UK has launched a large and very ambitious Drug Discovery Alliance with £30 million in funding

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Alzheimer’s Research UK has launched a large and very ambitious Drug Discovery Alliance that aims to deliver on the G8’s pledge of creating a disease-modifying therapy for dementia by 2025. The Alliance of Oxford University, Cambridge University and UCL will receive £10 million each of the £30 million funding to launch 3 drug discovery institutes.

Each of the institutes will direct their research individually and pursue their own path towards the shared goal of early stage drug discovery. As Dr Laura Phipps, Science Communication Manager at Alzheimer’s Research UK put it in her blog post “to have the best chance of success in developing a new Alzheimer’s drug, you have to take as many parallel approaches as possible.”

The Alliance wants to attract 90 world-class researchers to work on drug discovery in this area by drawing on the talent developed in the UK by previous pharmaceutical CNS ventures.

One of the grandest targets in the project was mentioned in Oxford’s statement on the Alliance:

The research team at Oxford will develop multiple projects to design and develop new therapies. It plans to deliver at least three new therapies for further clinical development and trials within the next five years.

The Alzheimer’s Research UK press release mentions that there hasn’t been a new dementia treatment licenses in the UK for 12 years, so this bold target has attracted the interest of many in the industry. Should Oxford meet that target, it will go a long way to meeting the 2025 deadline.


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