BSc Medicinal Chemistry: A worthwhile pursuit?

Professor Bernard Golding argues the case

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In Future Medicinal Chemistry’s latest issue Professor Bernard Golding (Newcastle University, UK) discusses how he pioneered the medicinal chemistry course at Newcastle University back in 1989 in order to fulfil what he identified as “an area of unmet need”. Before doing so Golding sought advice from pharma experts who told him that by founding such a course he was in danger of forfeiting synthetic organic chemistry, which forms the foundation of a medicinal chemist’s education.

Golding argues that a medicinal chemistry university course more effectively prepares you for a career in this field versus a syllabus that imparts core synthetic organic chemistry knowledge coupled with simply ‘learning on the job’. For example, Golding explains that by providing med chem students with a greater understanding of compound toxicology, they can help avoid the development of compounds that ultimately will fail, thereby reducing drug attrition and benefiting Pharma.

Share your thoughts on this! Do you think that studying medicinal chemistry at university impedes or assists an individual’s career as a medicinal chemist?

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