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Check out this issue’s free to access editorial in which Future Medicinal Chemistry Editorial Board Member, Bernard Golding (Newcastle University, UK), argues the importance of learning key medicinal chemistry skills at university in preparation for a career in the field.

This issue features the second instalment of a two-part review series by Herman Sintim and co-workers (University of Maryland, USA), which discusses agents that inhibit bacterial biofilm formation. Both papers were excellently received at peer review and, as such, I urge you to check out both articles – the first can be read here.

Also featured is a topical Review on ‘In silico prediction of hERG inhibition’ by Istvan Enyedy and co-workers (Biogen Idec, MA, USA), in addition to an excellent Review by Xinyong Liu et al. from Shandong University (China), which sheds light on the latest medicinal chemistry advances in the development of hepatitis B virus inhibitors. The full content can be seen by clicking here.

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