Future Medicinal Chemistry shines the spotlight on schistosomiasis

In the latest FREE issue of the journal, experts have united to give an update on the neglected tropical disease, schistosomiasis

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Guest Editor, Dr Conor Caffrey (University of California, SF, USA): "This special focus issue of Future Medicinal Chemistry is impressive for the breadth of contributor expertise in the field of schistosomiasis; from leaders directly involved in disease surveillance and PZQ distribution programs to key research innovators and facilitators working in academia, industry and non-governmental organizations. It is abundantly clear from the articles in this issue that the drug discovery process for this disease has matured from the ‘traditional,’ often serendipitous, screening of compounds against parasites in culture or in animal infection models (although where would PZQ be without such?) to include many of the other ‘modern’ disciplines (e.g., molecular modeling, target-based screening, mechanism of action studies and medicinal chemistry) that enrich the opportunities for identifying and moving forward valuable chemistries. Key to these advances has been the increasing accessibility of comprehensive (epi)genomic and transcriptomic data with which target-based approaches can be seriously entertained."

In recognition of the need for open science in neglected disease drug discovery, we have made this issue completely free to access. The full content can be found here

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