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So you’ve joined MedChemNet. Now what? Your first step should be to complete your profile. Completing your profile will enable your peers to connect with you more easily, helps you stand out and makes your posts look all around more aesthetically pleasing and professional.

To start, simply click on the person icon on the top right of the page. Then click on Account Settings, like in the image below:

You’ll find yourself on the account settings page. Click on the profile button like in the image below:

You will see a menu like the one in the image below. In here, enter your job title, name, email, company and country. The tagline and profile are there for you to express yourself and to share a little bit about yourself, whether that’s your work background or just your interests is up to you. Once you are finished, click save changes.

To add a profile photo, click on the avatar tab like in the image below:

A window will appear with two options to choose an image. Press browse to select a picture that is saved on your computer or enter the URL of an existing photo of yourself. Choose an image that is larger than 400x400 pixels and press save changes

When your image has been selected, you’ll be asked to crop it like the image below. Select the region of the photo that you want to make your profile photo and press Crop. Your image may take a couple of minutes to update.

And you're done! With your profile completed, your peers will be better able to find you and connect on MedChemNet.

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