Chemistry towards Biology Conference Brno 2016

This conference is a platform for promoting cooperation between scientists sharing scientific interests in chemical biology and biological chemistry. The previous conference of this series was held in Katowice, Poland in September 2014 .

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Chemistry towards Biology Conference Brno 2016 web-link:

The 8th Central European Conference "Chemistry towards Biology" will specifically address the following research topics:

Drug design, research and development

Chemistry of natural compounds

Molecular biology


Carbohydrate chemistry

Structure, function and interactions of proteins

Engineered enzymes

Nucleic acids chemistry

Pharmacology and ADME

Drug formulations and drug delivery systems


The aim of the 8th Central European Conference "Chemistry towards Biology" is to develop a platform for scientific contacts between researchers dealing with biomedical sciences from the European and other countries and to support cooperation between scientists in this field. In view of this perspective especially, young scientists are encouraged to participate.

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Atanas G. Atanasov

Professor and Head of Molecular Biology Department, IGAB PAS


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Ramaswamy Narayanan about 4 years ago

Chemical Biology is an area closer to my heart. As an academic for over 18 years, my experience of trying to bring chemists and biologists closer has been frustrating to say the least. While, there are few Chemical Biology programs across US Universities, most of the Chemistry depts. and for that matter Biology depts. almost run in a parallel track. The students are not given the much needed emphasis of interdisciplinary training. Chemical Biology courses must become a core course for all Biology and Chemistry graduate students. More importantly, we need a new generation of faculty who cuts across disciplines to train the next generation of scientists. NSF and NIh in theory supports such concepts, but it still remains largely unmet. Any suggestions?