CO-ADD AT BIO 2016 Convention, San Francisco, United States

Join us at the BIO Convention 2016 for a workshop dedicated to showcasing novel antibiotics and AMR innovation.

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AMR Focus: global workshop for novel anti-infectives
June 6, 2016. 11.00am-12.30pm, Moscone Convention Center

Join us at the BIO Convention 2016 for a workshop dedicated to showcasing novel antibiotics and AMR innovation. Hosted by the Innovative Medicines’ Initiative (IMI), The Wellcome Trust-funded Community For Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery and the IMI funded ENABLE project, we are pleased to invite novel antibiotic programmes to apply for a presentation slot, with slots for the 10 most innovative programmes. A jury of experts plus the wisdom of the audience will select the best presentation and the workshop will bring together all actors within AMR from the scientific, finance and business communities to network around promising antibiotic products and technologies.

Who should attend?

All delegates at BIO who are active within AMR should attend, including scientists active in research, SMEs with innovative products and platforms, investors, funding agencies, policy makers and large companies in the field. Attendance to the workshop does not include a discount into BIO - attendees must ensure that they have the correct delegate access.

If you are not attending BIO?
You can still access all the slides and outcomes from the workshop - register here to receive workshop updates and summary and we will keep you informed and send you all reporting generated.

For speakers - Abstract Submission

10 rapid-fire talks are available for program managers to present 3 slides on their project in 5 minutes. Please make sure you comply with the application criteria below.

Criteria for application

Ten presentation slots of 5 minutes are available and presentations are invited from any organisation that meet the following criteria:
• Early or advanced innovative antibiotic programmes for systemic treatment
• Platform technologies should not be presented – there should be a direct product/programme presented (which may have arisen from a novel platform)
• Proof of concept must be demonstrated in application
• May be for G positive or negative pathogens
• Should target pathogens with significant resistance issues
• Programmes must be presented by the programme owner/scientific lead

The final selected 10 programmes will be assessed on:
• Does the programme demonstrate a high degree of novelty?
• It is targeted towards pathogens with significant resistance issues?
• Does the programme demonstrate proof of concept?

Deadline for presentation applications: 30 April, 1700 CET. Applications to be selected by co-organisers IMI, CO-ADD and ENABLE

Please note that presented materials will be shared online and that the rapid-fire talks may be recorded for digital promotion

Participation in the workshop does not include a discount into BIO - participants must ensure that they have the correct delegate access


- Best presentation overall – judges choice
- Best presentation skills – judges choice
- Best presentation – people’s choice


CO-ADD and IMI are also presenting:

BIO 2016 "Bridging the Gap: Alignment of Global Antibiotic R&D Partnerships" panel discussion
June 8, 2016, 3:30 PM–4:30 PM, Room West 3004, Session ID 6880.

To schedule a meeting with a CO-ADD representative at the BIO 2016 convention, please contact us.

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Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery

CO-ADD, Not-for-profit research initiative

CO-ADD is a not-for-profit initiative led by academics at The University of Queensland (Australia). Our goal is to screen compounds from academic research groups from anywhere in the world for free, and utilize their chemical diversity to discover novel compounds active against bacteria or fungi. We aim to engage and help researchers around the world to find new, diverse compounds to combat the superbug crisis.

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