Volume 8, Issue 5 of Future Medicinal Chemistry is now online

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In this issue you will find an enlightening article from Roger Tung (Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc., MA, USA) in which he discusses the virtues of replacing hydrogen in therapeutically active compounds, with deuterium, which has been shown to sometimes greatly enhance the drug's properties. The paper, titled Deuterium medicinal chemistry comes of age is free to access, so check it out now!

Also in this issue is a range of original research and review-style articles, including a special report on Innovative computer-aided methods for the discovery of new kinase ligands by Mutasem Taha (The University of Jordan, Israel), and an insightful article on Exploiting plug-and-play electrochemistry for drug discovery by Yong Teng (Augusta University, GA, USA).

Check out this issue's content here: http://www.future-science.com/toc/fmc/8/5

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