Free drug discovery resources for computational and medicinal chemists

Medicines for Malaria Venture and AMG Consultants Ltd have produced a series of free guides to solve common problems in not-for-profit drug discovery.

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Medicines for Malaria Venture is part of a network of Product Development Partnerships (PDPs), working together to share knowledge in the area of computational chemistry and cheminformatics, in order to advance drug discovery for neglected tropical diseases. With the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AMG Consultants Ltd has produced a series of guides to share free solutions to common problems faced by medicinal and computational chemists in the not-for-profit arena.

Many computational tools are available to support drug discovery, but they are not always accessible, affordable or user-friendly. Rather than simply generating a list of tools, AMG has identified common tasks in medicinal chemistry and created guides to illustrate how free computational tools can provide practical solutions to real drug discovery problems.

Visit Medicinesfor Malaria Venture’s website to learn more about these tools and upcoming webinars.

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Ramaswamy Narayanan about 4 years ago

Excellent set of chemoinformatics tools. These will be very useful to graduate students and post docs around the globe. These tools should help boost research in neglected diseases.