What free docking programme would you recommend?

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Helen Turner on Mar 01, 2016 • 5 answer
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I am looking for recommendations of free docking programmes. Main criteria are that it is easy to use and can get some good graphics of docking poses. Thanks Helen


Dear Helen,
I suggest following softwares. Preference is as they are numbered:
1. Autodock Vina
2. Autodock
4.Swiss dock
5. Hex
6. VLS 3D
Others which require subscription but are also available in free ware for limited time:
1. Gold
2. Glide
Hope this helps u :-D

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Irfan Pervaiz on Dec 04, 2016
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I would suggest that you start with Auto Dock4 first. Then you may want to try it with AutoDock Vina. Note that the Vina is a different generation rather than just an upgrade of the AutoDock. I find both of them very user friendly. Note: Direct comparison of the two with the same target sometimes may not give the same result. It varies with the nature of the target.

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Ramaswamy Narayanan on Dec 11, 2016
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