Special issue on Frontiers in Nucleic Acid-Based Drug Research and Development

Future Medicinal Chemistry releases special issue on nucleic acid-based drugs

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The wealth of information now available in the post-genomic era has hugely accelerated progress in nucleic acid-based drug discovery; however, there are still a number of issues that continue to limit the therapeutic potential of this drug class. This exciting and timely issue covers key advances relating to the chemistry, design, delivery and therapeutic application of nucleic acid-based drugs, in addition to featuring expert commentary on emerging areas of the field and key discussion on the main drawbacks of these agents.

Highlights in the issue include an insightful editorial on how novel microscopic approaches can shed light on the function of nucleic acid-based drugs, an excellently received review on ‘Mechanistic principles of antisense targets for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy’ and primary research reporting on the discovery a potent liver-targeted HCV polymerase inhibitor.

Jonathan Wong (Defence R&D Canada ), who co-guest edited the issue with Lun Quan Sun (Central South University, China), commented: “These articles reflect the frontiers currently being explored for a wide variety of cancers, infectious and neuromuscular diseases, at the basic science level, preclinically and clinically."

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