Perspectives from Academic Drug Discovery Conference (Cambridge, UK)

Themed issue of Future Medicinal Chemistry offers perspectives from the Academic Drug Discovery Conference (Cambridge, UK)

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The latest issue of Future Medicinal Chemistry is dedicated to providing coverage of the presentations that took place at the 2015 Academic Drug Discovery Conference (Cambridge, UK), organized by SelectBio. The themed issue, which consists of contributions from the conference speakers, offers a broad variety of content, from discussion on industry–academia alliances and novel drug discovery models to the latest research emerging from academia.

In the themed issue, Guest Editor and conference Chair John Spencer (University of Sussex, UK), provides an excellent summary of the presentations that were heard, and the main discussion points that arose at the meeting.The importance of bridging the translational research gap, dubbed the ‘the valley of death’, in addition to strategies towards implementing open innovation drug discovery platforms, emerged as key themes at the conference. This is reflected in the themed issue, which features expert commentaries on these areas from both Tim Hammonds (Cancer Research Technology Discovery Laboratories, UK) and Peter Nussbaumer (Lead Discovery Center GmbH, Germany), among others.

Highlights in this issue are an insightful editorial on ‘Unlocking the potential of chemical probes for methyl-lysine reader proteins’ by Stephen Frye (Eshelman School of Pharmacy, NC, USA), a timely review on ‘Open access chemical probes for epigenetic targets’ by Susanne Müller (University of Oxford, UK), and finally a Perspective article on 'Professional translational research: a new hybrid paradigm in early drug discovery' by Peter Nussbaumer (Lead Discovery Center GmbH, Germany).

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