Celebrating World Antibiotics Awareness Week

We hear from the experts on what needs to be done to tackle antibiotic resistance

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In view of the growing problem of antibiotic resistance WHO has designated the 12–22 November World Antibiotics Awareness Week. To mark this seminal occasion, we will be hearing from key leaders and lobbyists in the field, including the Director of UK-based charity Antibiotic Action and the Chief Executive of Antibiotics Research UK, on whether sufficient steps are being taken to combat antibiotic resistance and what needs to be done to prevent us returning to a pre-antibiotic era. We will also be speaking to pre-clinical researchers from academia and industry working on the discovery and development of new antimicrobials and hearing their perspectives on short- and long-terms solutions to plugging the antibiotics gap. Finally, in view of the event, we will be making a series of related articles from our sister journals Future Medicinal Chemistry, Therapeutic Delivery and Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst free to access for a limited time. The themed content will be appearing online throughout Antibiotics Awareness Week so keep checking the homepage for the latest interviews and editorials. We encourage you to share news of your own work and your perspective on the field of antibiotic drug discovery on the website, in view of the awareness week.

I will be updating this post with links to the latest interviews and articles for World Antibiotics Awareness Week over the next fortnight. See below for the latest exciting content:

Interview with Laura Piddock (University of Birmingham, UK and Director of Antibiotic Action): https://www.medchemnet.com/users/2876-hannah-coake...

Interview with Margaret Riley (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA): https://www.medchemnet.com/users/2876-hannah-coake...

Interview with Colin Garner (Chief Executive of Antibiotic Research UK): https://www.medchemnet.com/users/2876-hannah-coake...

Article by Marvin Miller (University of Notre Dame, USA) on 'Antibiotic resistance – problems, challenges and circumvention'

Article by Matt Cooper (CO-ADD, University of Queensland, Australia) on 'Crowdsourcing compounds for new antibiotics'

News article by Stella Bennett titled 'Bacterial hole-punch holds potential as novel antibiotic'

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