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Mar 30, 2018

Translating a potential new therapeutic from the research laboratory to pre-clinical and clinical trials is a costly and time consuming endeavor, taking around 12 years and costing close to US$1 billion on average. The majority of drugs that fail to complete the development process do so due to efficacy; indicating that the wrong target was pursued. Developing a drug for a novel target that hasn’t been effectively validated is therefore a waste of time and money.

The mechanism of action of potential lead therapeutics and their particular targets can be complex, making understanding and validating the drug target challenging. With a wide range of techniques available, it can also be difficult to identify the most appropriate method for your lead therapy and target.

This spotlight will aim to review the challenges in accurate and efficient drug target validation. We will also cover recent developments in methods and techniques as well as commenting on notable new therapeutic targets identified in recent years.

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