Announcing SMi’s 13th annual ADMET conference 2018

Announcing SMi’s 13th annual ADMET conference, taking place in London, UK from 9–10 July 2018.

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Apr 11, 2018

The annual ADMET conference is returning to London, UK, for its 13th year running and will be taking place at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum on the 9–10 July, 2018.

The two-day conference will be focused on exploring the optimization of ADMET modeling techniques, preclinical DMPK applications and the development of biopharmaceuticals.

Event highlights include the discussion of cutting-edge toxicology research strategies and how they enable the early prediction of drug-induced liver injury, as well as exploring the correlation between drug exposure, efficacy and toxicity in transporter-mediated drug interactions. Genentech will also be speaking about their novel hepatocyte transporter assay, used to predict the pharmacokinetic profiles of target compounds. The unique applications of PKPD modeling in oncology and advances in models for the prediction of human drug metabolism are also hot topics to be discussed at the conference.

Eric Blomme, Vice President, Global Pre-Clinical Safety and Senior Research Fellow at AbbVie (IL, USA), has been announced as the chair for the event. He will be giving a presentation titled ‘Novel technologies and computational tools in discovery toxicology: opportunities and challenges’. Blomme will discuss driving nonclinical safety-related attrition to sustainable levels, technologies to define target-related safety, computational prediction of off-target interactions and the opportunistic use of in vitro models to tackle complex toxicity issues.


Featured Speakers and Presentations include: 

Justin Pittaway-Hay, MHRA 
The importance of ADMET in medicines regulation: first in human studies and dose-exposure-response analyses
Filipe Lopes, Roche
Biotransformation of biotherapeutics – impact on candidate selection
Nenad Manevski, UCB Pharmaceuticals
Use of early dose prediction and ADMET properties to guide chemical design
Sheila Annie Peters, Merck Serono
PKPB – strengths and limitations of compartmental modelling
Andreas Reichel, Bayer AG 
Intracellular pharmacokinetics: emerging opportunities for tailoring project support
Laurent Salphati, Genentech
Distribution, metabolism and excretion – hepatocyte transporters, a case study at Genentech
Timothy Schulz-Utermoehl, Sygnature Discovery
How advanced are our in vitro discovery toxicology assays for predicting DILI risks?
Kunal Taskar, GlaxoSmithKline
Understanding the correlation between drug exposure, efficacy and toxicity in a transporter mediated drug-drug interaction
Robert Van Waterschoot, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Impact of target interactions on small-molecule drug disposition: an overlooked area?
Ian Wilson, Imperial College London
Advances in models for the prediction of human drug metabolism
Peter Littlewood, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Human PK and dose predictions for compounds with challenging physiochemical profiles

For the full agenda and speaker line-up, visit the website to download the brochure here.


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