ACS San Diego 2019: Day 1

Throughout this week, RxNet is bringing you content, direct from the ACS San Diego 2019 (25–29 August 2019; CA, USA). Take a look at some of the highlights, including some of the key presentations and news from the meeting.

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Yesterday marked the first day of ACS San Diego 2019 and the conference is well underway! We started out this week checking out some fascinating talks and had the opportunity to meet so many people. We concluded the day at the booth for the first exhibition eventing;  it was great to see so many interested in RxNet – keen sign up and  to learn more. As well as this, our brand new glossaries – The RxNet Glossary of Drug Discovery – were also a great hit with the delegates!


Key talks

  1. Where do recent candidate drugs come from? (Sunday, 25 August; 8:50 – 9:10 AM) – Jonas Boström (AstraZenca; Mölndal, Sweden)  
  2. Machine learning for hit discovery: Recent work in virtual screening and de novo drug design (Sunday, 25 August; 9:35 – 10:15 AM) – Rommie E Amaro (University of California, San Diego; USA) 
  3. Glycopeptide drugs from endogenous peptides violate all of Lipinski's rules and penetrate the BBB (Sunday, 25 August; 2:20 – 2:45 PM) – Robin Polt (The University of Arizona; USA)

News highlight  

Could this microneedle skin patch be a better alternative to ointments and injections?

What to look out for tomorrow

  1. Polymer nanostructures for bioapplications: From stem cells enrichment to drug delivery (Monday, 26 August; 11:25—11:55 AM) – Michael Monteiro (University of Queensland; Australia)
  2. Strategies for targeting aberrant microRNA activity in cancer (Monday, 26 August; 8:35—9:05 AM) – Amanda Lee Garner (University of Michigan; MI, USA)

Don't forget to visit RxNet at booth #1335 to get your free copy of our brand new glossary!

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