ACS San Diego 2019: Day 3

Throughout this week, RxNet is bringing you content, direct from the ACS San Diego 2019 (25–29 August 2019; CA, USA). Take a look at some of the highlights, including some of the key presentations and news from the meeting.

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The final day of the exhibition is over! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth over the last three days. We enjoyed meeting you all and we hope you're looking forward to accessing all of our exclusive content! Although we won't be on the booth anymore, we are excited for more time to see even more talks over the last 2 days of the conference.  

Today’s key talks

  1. From phenotypic screening to lead optimization: Calibr cryptosporidiosis drug discovery (Tuesday, 27 August; 9:20–0:05 AM) – Melissa Suzzane Love (Scripps Research; CA, USA)
  2. Natural product derived privileged scaffolds in drug discovery (Tuesday, 27 August; 2:05–2:35 PM) – Margaret Brimble (University of Auckland; New Zealand) 
  3. Immunopharmacotherapy for the treatment of substance use disorders (Tuesday, 27 August; 4:20—5:00 PM) – Kim David Janda (Scripps Research Institute; CA, USA)

 News highlight

Neuroprotective peptide hydrogel to treat traumatic brain injuries

What to look out for tomorrow

  1. Combination of cowpea mosaic virus and PD-1 blockade works synergistically to improve therapeutic efficacy (Wednesday, 28 August; 9:30—10:00 AM) – Chao Wang (University of California, San Diego; USA) 
  2. Drug substances continuous process development: From the bench to demonstration pilot (Wednesday, 28 August; 1:40—2:20 PM) – Martial Etienne (Sanofi Chemistry; Sisteron, France)

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