Clinical Trials in a Dish: an interview with Bernard Fermini

We spoke to Bernard Fermini, Chief Scientific Officer at Coyne Scientific (GA, USA), to discuss Clinical Trials in a Dish and the potential benefits of this line of preclinical testing in drug development.

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00:18 - Please can you introduce yourself and your institution?

00:58 - Can you give us an overview of the recent perspective you were involved in, ‘Clinical trials in a dish: a perspective on the coming revolution in drug development’?

02:32 - Can you explain Clinical Trials in a Dish? How does it work?

06:19 - How to you expect this method to ‘bridge the gap’ between preclinical and clinical trials, and do you think it will be a widely adopted method?

07:56 - Can you explain how this method differs from standard preclinical testing?

10:45 - What are some other benefits of CTiD?

13:07 - Where do you see this field heading in the future?

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